Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Use http proxy for git client

I am using a network behind a http proxy. As more and more Rails projects migrate to Git, for accessing those external Git repositories, I'd like to have a method to configure Git client to go through the http proxy. By searching the web, I found several solutions. After some trying, I found the easiest approach is to use transconnect.

I am using Ubuntu and find that there is no package support for transconnect. So I have to install it manually from the source code, fortunately, it is fairly easy to setup transconnect. Following is the steps:

1) Download transconnect source code from its website

2) Uncompress the .tar.gz package, to install it, simply type:
make install

The above is the standard installation, for others, please refer to INSTALL located within the uncompressed directory.

3) A new directory '.tconn' will be created under your HOME directory by the installer and a config file 'tconn.conf' will be copied to that directory. Open 'tconn.conf', you will find two options named 'proxyserv' and 'proxyport'. Replace the default value with the proxy you are in use.

And that's all for setting!

4) It is easy to start transconnect by exporting an environment variable:

After that, try your git client, it should work on current terminal by going through the proxy you have set.

5) It is also easy to stop transconnect. In the terminal you have exported LD_RELOAD, simply unset it.


Yes, that's all, enjoy!


Kianhui said...

Good post!

I don't see any urchin Javascript on your blog. You are not on Google Analytics? It would be nice if you are able to see your blog hits.

Drop me a note, if you need more info.


Liming Lian said...

Hi kianhui,

Thanks for comment. This blog isn't monitored under Google Analytics while i do have a GA account.I use it to track my other websites. It is good idea to track this blog also.

bartuer said...

sudo apt-get install socat
socat TCP4-LISTEN:9418,reuseaddr,fork\ PROXY:www.proxyserver.com:git.webkit.org:9418,proxyport=3128,proxyauth=user:pass &
git clone git://localhost/WebKit.git WebKit

Liming Lian said...

Hi bartuer,

Thanks for your alternative solution. seems more simple and easy.

dil. said...

Hi bartuer,

I am trying to git clone from rhel box which is behind http proxy.

How to get the git clone working?


harry said...

If you want to creat proxy then do it.
use mpx (look it up in downloads section)
second way (which is simpler, and only a SOCKS 5 server):
use bouncer

or you can download proxyplus
google it.

Emil Sit said...

You can also set up git to call socat for outbound connections automatically so that you don't need to change the URLs and thus run socat manually each time you clone/fetch. I posted some more etailed instructions on my blog.

Anonymous said...

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